The Latest Triumph for Cork

shipwreckI recently received this “Amorim Cork Facts News Alert”. It’s a cool story, so I’ll reprint it for you here.


The world’s leading cork producer, Amorim, has played a major role in the preservation of the 200-year-old champagne discovered off the coast of the Åland archipelago earlier this year.

Specialist consultants to the Åland Government called on Amorim to assist in the preservation of the champagne after 168 bottles were recovered from a shipwreck at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Two bottles of the historic champagne were opened at a special event in Mariehamn, the capital of Åland, last week (17/11).

Amorim’s technical champagne team advised on the complex process of replacing the 200-year-old cork stoppers with new ones. The team then developed a new stopper made from a single piece of natural cork to the exact specifications of the antique bottles.

The company also provided special manual bottling machines that allowed the recovery team to insert the new corks at a location as close as possible to the shipwreck site.

Very cool. I think I’ll go pop a bottle of bubbly and dream about sunken treasure…

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