Tin Barn Napa Valley Blend 2005

tin barnHere we go again with another amazing wine value, brought to you by the Great Recession.

Tin Barn Napa Blend 2005 should have been sold out long ago, and in a normal economy it would have been. But it’s still available in late 2010, and at a great price. What was $40 on release is now just $25, even though it still drinks like $40.

Tin Barn Vineyards is one of the new “wineries without vines.” (You can read about another one in my article on Michael Pozzan Wines). Winemaker Michael Lancaster gathered up some partners 10 years ago and began buying select lots of grapes from growers in Napa and Sonoma. He sources his grapes from great appellations such as Carneros, Russian River, and Chiles Valley, where the grapes for the 2005 Napa Blend come from. Volker and Leisel EiseleĀ  tend this vineyard in the Northeast corner of the Napa Valley, which is particularly suited to warm-weather grapes.

You can taste the ripeness and concentration in this Tin Barn wine. The blend is 63% Cabernet Sauvignon, 21% Cabernet Franc and 16% Merlot, and the Cab Sauv certainly dominates on the nose and palate. The classic cassis and blackcurrant flavors are right up front, but then it goes deep, deep down with real Napa Cab intensity. I loved that part of it. Then the Cab Franc and Merlot kick in, softening the tannins and adding a hint of spice. The finish lingers with some toasty oak.

I intend to lay in a store of Tin Barn, and there can’t be much left since they made less than 900 cases. If you want to do the same thing, I’m telling you now that I’ll try to beat you to it.


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