The Blend’s The Thing: KitFox 2007

3 fingerThere are very few wines out there that are 100% of anything, so it always surprises me when someone says, “Oh, but it’s a blend,” like that’s a bad thing. From Bordeaux to Chateuaneuf-du-Pape to Meritage, some of the world’s best reds are blended.

The one I tasted recently is designed as a user-friendly everyday red, but it’s also a good example of a well-blended wine. KitFox 2007 Proprietary Red is Cabernet based, but three other grapes give it a unique style: Syrah, Merlot and Zinfandel.

But before I review the wine, let’s talk about the winery. Kit Fox Vineyards is owned by the Vogel family, who have been farming in Napa for four generations. Together with two other winery owners, they comprise 3 Finger Wine Company, which collaborates to produce four labels: Kit Fox, Hoedown, Dark Horse and Treasure Hunter. I guess that in the wine business, the whole is sometimes bigger than the sum of the parts…

I’ve really liked several of thew Treasure Hunter Wines, and although I haven’t tasted them I know some of the Dark Horse get great reviews. So it seems the 3 Finger concept is working.

So back to KitFox Red. The 60% Cabernet in the blend definitely creates the dominant flavor profile. The fruit is dark and the tannins are firm. But the Syrah muscles its way onto the palate, adding a hint of smoke and gaminess. I couldn’t detect any typical Zinfandel flavors, but maybe it’s just there to soften and boost the fruitiness of the Cab. Either way, the overall picture is full-bodied and firm, with some vanilla and spice on the finish.

This is a red that can stand up to some bold flavors. I’d like to try it with a stew (maybe even my lamb stew!) or roasted meat. And at around $12 a bottle, it’s a wine you can open any night of the week


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