Corks vs Screw Cap

Corks vs Screw Cap

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  • [...] two YouTube videos why we should accept screw caps as the way of the future in the wine biz. (go to Corks vs Screw Caps and Screw Caps on Wine:Get Over It). Without waltzing you through all those arguments again, [...]

  • [...] page on screw caps — why they’re the best closures for wine, that is. That’s a bandwagon I jumped on long ago, and I hope they can help me win converts to the screw-cap [...]

  • Cheryl Case:

    The info on the natural corks going bad was fascinating. Could you tell us in some future episodes what you think of the synthetic corks (I once sat next to a woman on a plane whose company makes the synthetic corks and she was understandably biased toward them).

    • What a great time to ask that question! Just last night we hosted a wine dinner with David Forsyth, the winemaker from Mercer Estates in Washington State. Besides being a really fun dude (he used to compete in both ski racing and skydiving, where they jump out of a plane and have to land on a target literally the size of a quarter, and then ski like hell down the side of a mountain), he told me everything I ever wanted to know about wine bottle closures. I just posted an article about it, so please read the most recent post (More on the Cork Wars).
      Keep making comments and asking questions — maybe other people will follow suit. Cheers!

  • [...] were contaminated by TCA cork taint (if you want to know more about TCA, watch my YouTube video, Cork vs Screw Caps). On top of that, they found that corks are like snowflakes: each one is unique and just a little [...]

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