Hit Upside the Head by Boxhead: Reviewing Cabernet

boxhead WOW! Sometimes a wine hits your palate and all you can say is — you got it — “wow”. Boxhead Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 is definitely that kind of wine.

Right up front I have to admit my prejudice for Australian wines and winemakers. No one in Australia is afraid to make big, balls-y, fruit-packed wines. They don’t care about the critics who whine that reds are getting too extracted and too high in alcohol. Down Under, the more fruit the better! The more alcohol the better! Go for it!

And what about all those over-the-top Australian wine labels? We’ve seen Evil, Boarding Pass, Fetish, and Dead Letter Office, to say nothing of this importer’s labels (Vine Street Importers): Some Young Punks, Barrel Monkeys, and Naked on Roller Skates. You gotta love it…

Getting back to Boxhead Cabernet, its front label features people with boxes for heads, and back label copy that claims genetically mutated square-headed people make the best wines. Okay… (Australian wines require a sense of humor.)

But the importer’s website was more informative. This wine is actually a collaboration with Hentley Farms, a premium Barossa Valley producer. They’ve used grapes from selected vineyards in South Australia, so don’t go thinking that the “South Australia” appellation on this label refers to that sea of inexpensive bland wine like Little Penguin and Yellowtail.

Boxhead Cabernet 2008 is ripe and intense, and the herbaceous Cabernet is laced with hints of rich raspberry fruit. My favorite thing about it, though, is the way it explodes on your palate, and then goes deep and lingers. There’s great depth and length for a wine that sells for the amazingly low price of $12.99. The producer suggests drinking it for another five years, and I’d suggest laying in several cases so you can continue to enjoy it for that long.

So hats off (our square heads?) to whoever is really responsible for creating this great and great-value wine. If you enjoy it as much as we did, let us know. Or send us a review of your own. Cheers!

$12.99 Boxhead Cabernet 2008

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