Harmony Cellars Central Coast Chardonnay Review

harmony musicWe love California’s Central Coast wine region, especially the area around Paso Robles. If I’m reading their website correctly, Harmony Cellars is just off the main road connecting Paso with the rocky coast of the Pacific Ocean. This comes pretty close to being God’s Country.

So I was excited to taste this Chardonnay and write a review. It was a glass pour at a favorite restaurant and came highly recommended. The nose offered a lot of toasty oak and light tropical fruit. So far, so good. The palate started out nice and crisp, again with just a hint of tropical fruit. Then it hit me — a heavy dose of wood right in the middle of the palate. The oak lingered, and I had trouble picking out anything besides that. On the back end, though, I got a nice hit of acid, which helped to balance out the heaviness.

This really is a wine that I’d like to revisit, because it’s unfair to base a review on a restaurant glass pour. There are way too many places that mis-manage their glass pour program, leaving bottles open too long and then pouring stuff that’s nowhere near at its best. I have a feeling that I’d enjoy Harmony Cellars Chardonnay a whole lot more if I had a freshly-opened, current vintage bottle. I’ll let you know when that happens. Cheers!

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